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Cours de conduite

Phase 1

Prerequisite for the AC License

Phase 1 includes Modules 1 to 4 with Module 5 being the assessment. These must be completed prior to obtaining the learner’s license.

Phase 2

Directed Driving

Phase 2 includes Modules 6 and 7, during which the learner makes their first outings on the road with directed driving.

Phase 3

Semi-directed driving

Phase 3 includes Modules 8 to 10, and during which the learner drives with semi-directed driving.

Phase 4

Semi-directed to autonomous driving

Phase 4 includes Modules 11 and 12, during which the learner drives more and more autonomously.

Theoretical Calendar

Course dates are now prioritized for our students, due to high demand. Please consult the calendar on the portal for information on the session. Please note, we take a leave every Tuesday.

Access to the Student Portal

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