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they say: Knowing how to drive, it's more than a technique.

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Our teaching method
is unique

our competitors are always trying to imitate us.

With you
we become the difference

we challenge you to choose the best!

At Lauzon driving school
We Form Outstanding Drivers

We create experiences that transform you.
Driving safely, independently and cooperatively is our goal.
Building unique drivers, is and will always be our passion.

We're Different
Ready For Challenges

We know your frustrations and worries, thus we will work closely with you.

We're Cool People
Learning With Trust

Our classes are unique and special, our newly developed theory content, will keep you up to date. Our practical classes will give you the confidence other schools fail to provide!

We're Passionate
Available When You Need Us

We believe in consistency and customization, thus we are here when you need us, busy schedule? no problem we can fix a day for you. We offer classes a lot of schools can't even afford to provide!

We're Professional
We're Good At This

With so many successful stories, we stand by our teaching, we are professionals who are always learning to become even better professionals. We fix the source of the problem to solve the problem. Be happy, because you are in good hands.

Our Feedback
Received From Our Students

We know our student's weakness and strength, the students know our school strength and weakness, this is why we are always open to suggestions and we are happy to always move forward.

Driving is very similar at how you live your life. You set a goal and you go for it, you will do turns and stops to get to your destination. There will be up and downs, dont worry! Fuel up and keep going!

"Thank you, It was a pleasure working with you."- Juan P. Mo

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Some fun facts, we have approximately:


Active learner drivers


Passed the exam since 2013


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Last update September 13th 2018

Our Growing Team with big

Your school is led by trustworthy, innovative and intuitive people. Here to help you grow.

Drivers, when you can't weight the truck, wait.

A truck driver needs space to execute an action, the truck is longer, larger, bigger and heavy. Source: SAAQ

What We Do
Our Services

When you are good at something, do it for a change.

Road Safety Education Program

Theoretical and Practical classes
If you don't own any licence, you need to start from here.
The program takes 13 Months.
Theoretical classes consist of twelve 2-hours in-class sessions.
Practical classes consist of fifteen 55-minutes in-car sessions.
For more information visit: SAAQ

Driving Classes
Hand-on wheel

You have your learner licence? and you need to practice? let's do it!
Single hour to multiple hours. The more hours you take; the cheaper it gets. BEWARE, if we find out you are a good driver, we will suggest to cancel your classes, we give priority to people who need practice. 100% Trust

Stuffs you need

We sell books
access to Web-base exam questionnaire
exclusive School Materials

Car Rental
For your Exam

Average car rental range from 35$-60$, we offer 1h of practice prior exam and a car rental at a very competitive price, put your chances on your side. Do a warm up before you do your exam. Best Feeling ever!

Customer service

We are your Guardian Angels of time we will set your schedule to your agenda! and we can guide you if you get lost in the program, some people call us ninja, because speaking to you in french, english, mandarin, cantonese, japanese or spanish is something we do. Enough said, if anything send us an email.


When you become part of our school, you become part of our family. we grow together to make this world a better place to live and to drive. Drop by to say Hi!

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